Favorite Quote

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”

This being my first blog post I feel that it is important to describe myself.  What better way to do that than with my favorite quote.  The one above is from Thomas Edison   I am the type of person that will always give you a second chance…err third, fifteenth, hundred, twelfth you know I always give second chances.


Regardless I believe that it is important to give second chances to everyone and I am trying to say that I am a very compassionate person.  As this blog unfolds I hope that you will learn more about me as I always like to talk about myself to NO ONE.  So that being said this is a window into my soul…no wait that sounds wayyyy to deep.  So it is a superficial look at me into the first layer that is me.   Yes that sounds safer…

So delving into my first layer lets talk about today…

i’m currently halfway to getting drunk… yes it is 3:21 in the afternoon…on a Wednesday ..Who are you to judge, regardless I have been sick with the flu for the past week, So I went to class today, well one class, seeing as I have a doctors note that is good till tomorrow I can kinda get away with not going to class.  I came home totally not intending to get drunk at all. (seriously, I was gonna do homework I swear)  Then I had this crazy awesome idea to make a blog.  So here I am being all covert and whatnot holing up in my room with a fourth a bottle of wine (which is now empty), and a bottle of Bacardi Mojito (I’m currently working on that).  Only two and a half glasses in and yess I am a lightweight.  Whats on the radio? Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’s new album The Heist which is my new jam all the time.  He is just so fly all the time I want to be him.  I am an equine studies major at UMD.  Yess we just beat duke and I am psyched about that.  Anyways what else can I tell you….

I am in love.  He is a beautiful BEAUTIFUL man.  I keep trying to convince myself that I’m not but who am I joking I am utterly in love.  As a friend or more who knows, If he said jump I would jump. (off a bridge, off the empire state building, you know what I mean)  So for right now we are just FWB. (friends with benefits)  Which is fine with me cause relationships are way to much work.  No he doesn’t have the six pack ab’s or the perfect body but he has the most gorgeous face….of the arian race (if you know what that means).  He is a musician, currently working on an album finally!!!  I believe he deserves it but I’m not sure he does so here I sit not really with him but still with him if that makes sense at all…and I know what your thinking…ITS COMPLICATED…no it’s really not complicated at all it’s simple he is hott, I’m hott we get along.  End of story.

Moving on from my sex life…not love life sex life.  Do you ever think of this, people ask you how’s your love life?  Its kind of a sad question…Well when people ask me that I’m like my love life is nonexistent but my sex life is great thank you!!  They usually have this stunned look on their face like did she really just say that?! Yes, yes I did get used to it…I speak my mind to people and that usually surprises mostly everyone. (including me sometimes)

Now I want to say a quick thing on friendship…(really quick cause I just got off the phone with my fwb and yeah) So Friendship is something that nobody takes advantage of anymore.  Like if I have a problem or an pissed about something, I want to be able to call a friend and bitch to them.  Like why is that such a problem?!  Don’t give me advice, don’t talk at all just bitch bitch bitch that’s it and as my friend you should either say you are so right or want to get drunk? either of the two with work.  

Happy (HUMP) Day!

(Please make it live up to it’s name)



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