Throwback Thursday (since everyone’s doing it now)

Alright so yesterday was obviously not my best day…or maybe it was but I’ll update you all on how that ended up.

First off without even thinking about how everyone is now doing this throwback Thursday picture thing I came home from class and snuggled back into bed, fired up the computer and proceeded to start watching New Girl.  Not only is this show hilarious to me specifically because I do indeed live with all guys, but I do literally the exact same things as the main character on the show. (obviously you can tell I’m a die hard fan cause I have no idea what her name is)  After finishing the episode genius struck! (which it so often does not)  I was going to recreate a classic strawberries on top of vanilla ice cream.  This is a throwback to me mainly because…oh dear god my roommate just started drumming. (sorry random tangent drums are not something you bring to a freaking apartment!!)  So where was I?  Oh yes strawberry throwback.  See my grandmother’s church always has a strawberry festival during the summer and my favorite part was of course strawberries over vanilla ice cream.  So in my haste to get summer back I quickly rushed off to the grocery store in search of the ever delicious fruit.  I swear I can never actually go to the store and just buy one item (unless it is a pint Ben and Jerry’s) so I came home with two packages of strawberries, eight kiwi’s, and seven banana’s.  Oh and natural vanilla ice cream of course.  i tediously cut up and covered the strawberries with sugar and left them to sit in the fridge to get that oh so scrumptious strawberry juice that drips to the bottom.  And here I sit typing away and eating my amazing dinner.  



It really is a complete meal!  I swear it is, for today at least.  

So on to last night.  Immediately after finishing my first post, and the Bacardi I raced upstairs all liquored up and hyper to see what my roommates were up too.  After holing up in my room I was in desperate need of attention, oh wait what? Did I just say that?  lets reword that I was in desperate need of socializing.  Yes, much better.  

So upon approaching the living room I sat on the couch next to the ultimate professional video game fighting champion.  He really is a professional video gamer, and I proceeded to be obnoxious and ask if I could try playing the fighting game he was playing.  It was marvel vs. capcom, a fighting game, and looked pretty easy to figure out right?  While in my inebriated state I somewhat manged to impress said PVGF (professional video game fighter) with my skills.  Very quickly after I learned that I was, as usual, out of alcohol.  My mood went from yeah I’m feeling good to man I wish I could just have one more drink.  Then it happened.  A Heineken appeared out of the heavens (which was the fridge for me at that point) and all was right in the world.  

This is where things got tricky.   

I always think it is a good idea to have one more drink.

It definitively is not.

Here’s why.

Upon drinking even half of that beer when I was previously just drinking wine, mainly non-bubbly drinks the carbonation killed my stomach and I was instantly hammered.  Not the I’m gonna throwup and die type but the man now I just feel drunk and full type.  So I decided it was time to take a nap and watch a movie…wait I mean just take a nap.  So I thew on inception and passed out for a solid four hours!  The worst part about falling asleep around  5pm and sleeping till 9pm for most people is the fact that they won’t be able to fall back asleep that night.  Not my problem! I woke up completely starving!  So without realizing how late it was I race up stairs laptop in hand to ask if anyone else wanted to order Chinese food cause let’s face it,  I was in no condition to actually make food.  And the whole house was silent.  I practically cried! I swear!  A quick glance out the front window told me almost everyone was home but they were all in bed.  So now I look like the crazy single girl drinking my afternoons away and ordering take out.  


I hopelessly sunk into my chair at the kitchen table.  Slowly opened my laptop and started ordering.  All By Myself.  Around ten thirty the nice man arrived with my chicken chow mein, pan seared dumplings, and crab rangoon’s as  I sullenly hand over my money and sulk back to my cave in the basement where it’s dark and quite.  

That’s when I hear it!

The unmistakable creak of the old wooden floorboards alerting me that yes! In fact!!  Someone is alive and walking around upstairs!!  I almost leap for joy and trip racing up the stairs with my Chinese for in tow so I can not look like the loser eating alone in my room.  Low and behold it was just someone using the bathroom only to go back to sleep.  So I throwback some Excedrin for my throbbing headache and set up camp in my bed to watch Inception and annihilate my ever unsatisfying takeout.


P.S.  I woke up feeling fabulous this morning!





One response to “Throwback Thursday (since everyone’s doing it now)

  1. Lawlz @ the cat pick! 😦 I would’ve eaten it with you.

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