Boys & Blind Dates

Oh my goodness.  So I went on a blind date last night.  When I say blind I mean I had never met this man before.  EVER.  I met him online and he insisted we go out for drinks and I of course was crazy nervous because he could be a serial rapist or something.  So after two weeks of trying to see each other and texting back and forth I finally thought there was no way this guy still wanted to see me.  He hadn’t called me, hadn’t texted me all week, of course when I talk to my mother she is all like why haven’t you talked to him?  I’m over here like, Its not my job!  Then I did something so classic to my family.  It could be what we are known for…

I texted him and went for it!

I wanted to see him, I had had enough of this dancing around the bush and wondering whether he had five noses, or a uni-brow, I had to see for myself.  I shot him a text and a second later he responded.  I was like wow what was impressive.  Next thing you know he wants me to come over and hang out at his place…

First thing that pops into my head is booty call!  It being eight at night helped that slip away pretty quickly, but the next thing that popped into my head is shit! what am I going to wear?!

I am a lucky lucky girl when it comes to the whole what to wear situations….I can make sweat pants and a t-shirt look sexy if I have too.  So that’s exactly what I did!

So I clamor into my car and head for his house.  Hoping and praying he is the same person I have seen in pictures.  Then it happens I am there in the parking lot.  Nervous as all get up.

And he comes around the corner of the apartment complex and….

He is even better looking than the pictures!  My inner goddess does back flips  relief washes over me and all is right in the world again.

Upon regaining my self control and state of being I promptly start talking…and talking…and talking…then I finally shut up and realize, Oh My God.  I talk way to much.  Then I realize that he has been keeping right up and we are both on the same page.  Another flood of relief as I realize that hey, maybe this guy can actually hold a conversation!  And he is good looking!  And he is older!  And he doesn’t live with his mother?!


He is a keeper, but of course, I do have to remind myself that this is only a first time date and he still could turn out to be a weirdo.  So as the date goes on we watched movies and talked, I got him to do a handstand and he made me draw a horse, which turned out terrible because he made me use a pen!  Then another thing happened…

He tried to kiss me.  I don’t blame him I’m a good looking girl, friendly, smart, funny, but I don’t kiss on the first date.  No sir not this girl, sorry.  And here is what takes guys aback with me…

Unlike most girls, who would probably just let a guy kiss them and avoid the awkward silence of being rejected, I don’t give a damn about awkward silences   I would much rather him know that I have morals,  and I demand respect.  If I really like you, it won’t take more than three dates to get a kiss, but the first date, for me at least, is all about getting to know each other and figuring out if I even want to kiss this guy.

There he sat all rejected on the couch next to me and I could hear the crickets in the air as his mind processed the fact that this gorgeous, smart man, just got turned down.  Then I turned to him and in order to save the date carefully explained that I just wanted to get to know him a little better first.  This seemed to do the trick and save the day,  so we spent the rest of the night cuddling on the couch watching and cracking up at the show Duck Dynasty, which if you haven’t seen it is hilarious.  Sii is my favorite character.  As the night turned into early morning I finally left around 2am.  I managed to make it back home and quickly fell asleep.

This morning I awoke and of course the first thing I thought was, God I talk way to much.  I probably ruined the whole thing.  But of course, he had sent me a text to wake up too, making sure I had arrived home in one piece and one thing led to another and now were going ice skating.  It was my idea, and I’m so thrilled because I have wanted to go for so long! His first response to the idea was of course yes, and then he was like wait, you have gotten me to do a handstand, and go ice skating in twenty four hours?!  How did you do that? I have my ways, and my magic.  I’ll have to update you on the ice skating tomorrow! Until then wish me luck!! Hopefully I don’t pull one of these!



2 responses to “Boys & Blind Dates

  1. Very funny…love the last picture

  2. Correction: You don’t kiss guys who have **potential** on the first date. Otherwise, I mean…gotta get something outta the bad date. Whaaaat? Did I say that? Nahh. 😛

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