Sunday Funday

Okay so I just woke up… so judge me it’s Sunday!!

Ahh Sunday, the day of rest.  And homework, lots of homework.  I like to play a little game with myself and see how much homework I can get done in four hours on a Sunday.  The answer is usually all of it.  I don’t know why, but for some reason (it’s probably a conditioned response that I have been preparing myself for after years of not doing any homework till Sunday) I become invincible on Sunday’s.  Which is great, because I can get all my homework done and still enjoy the rest of the day.

I know you are all wondering how the date went yesterday, ice skating and all.  Well lets just say I am a boss at ice skating.  My date asked me how many times I thought I would fall and I boldly answered NONE.  (so boldly in fact that I sat there wondering to myself really did you just say that?)  But my face was confident all like:


And I picked it up right away and I am sure I looked just like this:


Now ice skating is a great date idea…just a great idea, but after you get out there and your skating and going in circles after the first half an hour it gets so boring…I mean you can only dodge so many children.  Why can’t they have an ice skating obstacle course or something, Now that would be fun.  If you didn’t know by this point I love a challenge, like tell me I can’t do something, come on I dare you!  And I will prove you oh so wrong every time   As long as it’s within my physical limitations.  So I can’t jump 8 feet in the air, but I can with a trampoline! Ha! That’s kind of how my mind works all the time.  Lets take something basic, and make it impossibly hard and see if it’s doable.

So date ended we went our separate way’s, (No I didn’t get a kiss) and when I arrived home I was wondering what now…

I was exhausted from ice skating and wasn’t sure if he wanted to see me again, because I am a constant over analyzer, (Thanks mother),  so I just as soon laid down and started watching a movie.  I figured it he wanted to see me he would just ask.  And of course he did!  So I drove over to his place and we had another movie night.  It was awesome! (We watched Zero Dark Thirty, which if you haven’t seen it yet I would totally recommend it)  I was so lazy this time I wore even baggier sweatpants and a sweatshirt!  I call it my “I’m not going to sleep with you so I’ll dress in baggie clothes” weapon.  It never works though…  Either he ends up wanting and trying to sleep with me, or I find myself wanting to get with him…In this case both.  And as I always say if you can’t beat’em join’em, or leave.  Which is what I did, I left.  As soon as I found myself getting to “comfortable” and pushing the envelope I was like NO I have to go.  And since I know your all wondering …Yes, yes he was a great kisser.  Except for the face stubble. That has got to go!  I have a sensitive face, what can I say I’m a girl. Oh and for the record this guy has great legs, and it sounds weird to say that as a girl, but we have all see the guy that has great upper body strength and no freaking legs!! It is so weird and annoying and I just want to walk over to that guy in the gym and be like that is SOOO NOT SEXY!!  Okay rant done here is a picture of what I’m talking about in case you haven’t stumbled upon this fallacy:


So remember guys:


it’s just gross. Moving on…

So after leaving, for some unknown reason I decided to stop at Wendy’s and get a small chocolate frosty.  Which I haven’t had in probably years, and I must have looked happy because as I was ordering said frosty at the microphone,  the guy could see my face from his window and he was like “Man, you’re in a good mood!”  Which made me start grinning like an idiot so I probably looked something like this:


And then I had to explain to the man at the drive through that I met a guy, blah blah blah… He was loving the whole thing cause it was about 12am and he was probably bored out of his mind.  And I know how it is to have to work late and he probably gets a bunch of drunk biddies (thanks for the word Joe!) in that are annoying as hell and then here comes the little white girl all happy-go-lucky, geeking out because of a boy.  I had the man cracking up, and the whole time I was thinking oh my god, stop smiling so much you look like a retard!  Anyway I got home to the ultimate video game fighter asleep on the couch with a tournament on that he should have been at in Philly, Everyone else was in bed and so I went downstairs to pass out.

Waking up this morning I set out to do three things today:

1. Drink coffee and have breakfast. Check!

2. Update blog. Check!

3. Now here is my problem, I’m going to the gym after I write this and I have to read math homework (either during or after gym time, which I hate with fiery passion, the math not the gym).  Now my theory here is since I’m doing cardio for like an hour, I could potentially read my math homework and then every time I get frustrated I can just do an interval sprint…So I’ll potentially be doing HIIT’s (High-Interval Intensity Training) And I will relieve a lot of pent-up tension, okay I’m definitely be doing this since just typing this and thinking about it gets me pumped up.  One thing is for sure I’m definitely not doing weights today,  I need space and I need to run, like really run, more like sprint.  I need the kind of space like if I was home I would be trail running.  Just that kind of challenging course to make me clear my head and relax.  But since I’m not home I’ll just settle for the gym at school and kill two birds with one stone by reading and running.

Oh and if you don’t know what trail running is I suggest you do it! it’s basically like hiking but instead of walking you run, and if your like me at all, you run as fast as you can without falling, which happens occasionally,  I like it mainly because it’s all about agility and quick thinking and if you screw up it hurts so you generally don’t screw up.  It reminds me of cross-country riding which is what you do on  a horse…Also you run so much farther than you ever thought possible, I once ran ten miles without evening thinking about, I was just having so much fun…Quick examples:

ImageThis is the fun part…and then you have to get here by just running as fast as you can! exhibit B:

Image This website is calling my name!  Can’t wait till the weather gets warmer…

I know I have a serious problem with adrenaline.  Anyway off to the gym!


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