beach things.

So I got a bike and it looked like so much fun my boyfriend decided to get a bike too!  Which is awesome cause now its like we aren’t even working out cause we have so much fun together anyways!  Plus we get to struggle together and sometimes he end up dragging me out on a 12 mile bike ride when I haven’t drank any water that day and I feel like I’m going to die so I basically attack him when we get home.  He wants to kiss me and I’m all like ewww stop don’t touch me I’m gross.

What does this have to do with the beach?

Well we will be leaving for the beach in exactly 10 days as of tomorrow so we will definitely be slimming down with very long bike rides everyday up till then and hopefully we will actually be able to enjoy the beach and relax!

Anyway I hope your day is going as well as mine.  I decided to make some diy jean shorts yesterday! Pictures coming soon! I still have to wash them so they fray out and look cool I guesss. Anyway Happy Tuesday!


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