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beach things.

So I got a bike and it looked like so much fun my boyfriend decided to get a bike too!  Which is awesome cause now its like we aren’t even working out cause we have so much fun together anyways!  Plus we get to struggle together and sometimes he end up dragging me out on a 12 mile bike ride when I haven’t drank any water that day and I feel like I’m going to die so I basically attack him when we get home.  He wants to kiss me and I’m all like ewww stop don’t touch me I’m gross.

What does this have to do with the beach?

Well we will be leaving for the beach in exactly 10 days as of tomorrow so we will definitely be slimming down with very long bike rides everyday up till then and hopefully we will actually be able to enjoy the beach and relax!

Anyway I hope your day is going as well as mine.  I decided to make some diy jean shorts yesterday! Pictures coming soon! I still have to wash them so they fray out and look cool I guesss. Anyway Happy Tuesday!


Sunday Funday.

I’m not even a little embarrassed to admit that I just made a entire batch well I split it in half but half a batch of this extremely delicious coconut chocolate mousse with coconut whipped cream before two O’clock pm.  

Now to my credit I actually slept last night! I mean I sleep every night but I actually slept from 10pm till 11am!!  I woke up once to pee but other than that I actually got sleep!! After the initial shock of rest wore off I contemplated working out right away and getting it out of the way or waiting and I figured I better just get it done so I did.  Then on top of that I made coffee and scrambled eggs for lunch/breakfast and I realized while drinking my coffee that I could drink my coffee without it even hurting!!  

It’s the little wins.

Which is why I decided to make this delicious chocolate mousse and whipped cream.  Which is currently chilling in my fridge for the next four hours but trust me come four O’clock that bad boy is mine!  

I am also extremely glad that it is Sunday!! I am feeling better which means that when my sister comes home tonight or tomorrow whichever one that I will certainly be ready to go out!  

But for today I will watch movies and play the Sims 3 pets which is my major addiction as well as watching movies all day.  And cooking.  Well baking really but whatever.  

Also I did do something yesterday I made these.

Devils food cake cupcakes.

  And consequently took an hour walk to compensate for eating half the batter. 

Oh and that’s homemade vanilla buttercream frosting.

Not even embarrassed.

The weekends are for relaxing

Oceans eleven, twelve and thirteen. Lugi Italian ice and Rita’s.
Cepacol throat drops.
This means only one thing.

I will be recovering this weekend as I have till Sunday night to feel better.


Because my sisters in town and we have some hardcore partying to do!




So something new happened yesterday.

Last night rather.

I actually slept!!

Sure I was in a fair amount of pain that hasn’t changed but I mean I really slept like if it weren’t for my pain management alarms waking me up I believe I would have slept more than the normal four hours!

I also am seeing a light at the end of the tunnel as in, this pain may end soon kinda light.  

I was so happy when I woke up and realized that it was past 3 am in the morning then the pain started in again and I didn’t even mind it!

So that happened and then yesterday you know how I was in a “baking mood?

yeah I must have just been in a oh I want to look at blogs and articles about things that I could bake then go back to sleep because that is exactly what I did.  I slept literally all day yesterday well not just sleep I kinda laid around on the couch and dozed in and out of sleep.  I mean this whole recovery period I haven’t felt as tired as I was yesterday.  Any way it paid off because Sarah showed up around seven and Bret being the awesome man that he is took us to Jason’s deli for dinner and paid for all three of us! I was quite impressed.  Anyway fast forward to this morning I am feeling very rested and Sarah just went off to run to get the car.  LITERALLY. She wanted to go for a run and her car is parked at my place, we spent the night at Bret’s, and off she went.  So I figured I’d squeeze a blog entry in before she gets back pick me up.  I don’t remember if I said this before but I was suppose to go to the beach this weekend with my sister and mother.

Well that’s not happening anymore.  After talking to my sister and having her see how miserable I really was she and I both agreed that I would be happier laying around in bed all weekend relaxing and recovering.  After all I am on day 8 of recovery and I figured by the time this weekend is over I will be good as new and she can have her time with my mom and still have time when she comes back to hangout with Bret and I.

Anyway I didn’t just look at baking blogs and recipes yesterday.  I waited till about 3 pm when Bret got home and decided to whip up some of this delicious vanilla buttercream frosting and this genius two cupcake recipe which literally only makes two vanilla cupcakes, uses one bowl,and is super quick easy and delicious.  

I still have yet to make this dish which I have been literally drooling over for the past three days.  Maybe I’ll make it tonight for dessert who knows but I have had the coconut milk chilling in the fridge for the past three days as well and I’m so curious as to what it is/does.  

I have my post-op doctors appointment today and let me tell you I’m so excited to ask questions like how should I manage my sleep and if I can have a refill of my medication because I literally am down to four painkillers and its killing me!  The only way I can really manage my pain is if i take two pills of painkillers and I have some things I want to get done this weekend which I can’t do if I am in pain.  I also can’t wait to see how he thinks I’m doing because I think I’m doing a damn good job.  

Anyway I hope everyone is having a great day and keep your fingers crossed my checkup goes well!

Anyway happy Friday everyone!

This is starting to become a habit…

So here I am again bright and early on a Thursday morning!

It is exactly a week to the day that I said goodbye to my tonsils and of course I had my usual 5 am wake-up call of searing throat pain followed by more pain followed by a healthy dose of pain medication.  I, for some reason, tried to be brave around 3 am and instead of taking my prescribed pain medication decided to opt for over the counter Motrin instead.

I make dumb decisions every once in a while and this was definitely one of them, So dumb in fact that I laid in bed in pain thinking you totally deserve this you dumb-ass, and as I woke up in more pain then I fell asleep in, well really the pain that I was experiencing was more pain then I had been in within the last day or week really, but all is right in the world as I have taken my prescribed medication and am feeling like a semi-normal human being again.

How do I know I’m back to normal?

I’m up at 6 am browsing food/baking blogs for recipes of what I want to try to bake today!  I have all the ingredients that you could need to bake and with my sister driving into town today I figured as a tribute to her I would try baking.  As you saw from yesterday I have two whole cheesecakes and eight mini cheesecakes to eat which I figure will be eaten by the time we leave for the beach tomorrow night.  Bret is in a fraternity and boys eat…ALOT.  Mother nature also blessed my sister and I with a little flow to our lives so we of course can’t get enough sweet treats! So my sister should be arriving at my moms around 2 or 3 pm today and then I’m hoping she will spend the night with me as I have a doctors appointment around 2 tomorrow afternoon and I  am not suppose to drive on my meds.  She of course does not know this yet.(evil sister laugh)

Any way I feel like I have too much flour and that means that I must bake something which I’m feeling is going to be something along the lines of cookies or cinnamon buns or cake…yup that’s what I’m going to make! Better yet cupcakes! considering I told Bret I would make him cupcakes yesterday and I never did.  Anyway I wanted to share two of my favorite baking blogs with you they are she is simply hilarious and also where i get a lot of my recipes and the second one is  Pictures to come later today hopefully my cupcakes turn out!

Happy Thursday!

The benefits of recovering from surgery

So when I was laying in bed last night and my boyfriend turns to me and says “So what do you want to do tomorrow?”  I instantly responded with a very enthusiastic “BAKE!”  

I don’t think he actually expected me to really bake as much as I did and eighty dollars later this happened.


I’ve never made cheesecake before but I’ve also never thought baking anything was very hard and I’ve great at following directions so I asked my boyfriend what he wanted me to bake his instant response was of course “I don’t care babe, whatever you want”  I don’t think men understand how incredibly annoying this response is because I’m whatever I’m baking your eating not me well maybe a little bit but furthermore I probed a little more and I started looking at recipees in my bookmarks.  I came across cheesecake and he lit up like a candle so I was like there we go! Cheesecake it is,  Now I couldn’t just make cheesecake cause thats boring so I made two cheesecakes and then came these little devils!

ImageIf your not drooling by now you can just stop reading.  Welcome to chocolate covered strawberry no bake cheesecake.  And of course to top it off they are mini cheesecakes!  I came across these gems on one of my favorite blogs How sweet it is and as soon as I popped them up on the screen the boy started instantly drooling…” You have to make them!!”  So of course I did and they are currently killing me chilling in the fridge.  

So surgery has it’s benefits as you have time off to actually do things you want to do but of course the pain still hurts really really bad.  I have found it really helps alot to sleep with someone so they can be there when things get really bad and you feel like your going to die.  


That is exactly what happen this morning/last night around 3am.  See Bret knows that I have to take my med’s at exactly four hour intervals specifically overnight or I will literally die and not get any sleep so being the best man in the world he set my alarms for me and made sure I didn’t miss a dose.  Then right around 3 am this morning I woke up an hour before I was suppose to take my medication and I was in so much pain.  The hardest part about a tonsillectomy is sleeping in general.  You only get around 3 hours of sleep at a time and I haven’t had a full 8 hour night’s sleep in a week literally it’s been seven days so when you wake up at 3am in ton’s of pain the last thing you want to do is go back to sleep because you will just wake up again in more pain. 

I literally started crying.  There I was 3am sitting up in bed balling like a little baby and of course I woke Bret up.  He sits up and just gave me a big hug and was like what is wrong.  All I could say was I didn’t want to sleep because it would hurt and he coaxed me back to bed.  It was exactly what I needed at that point.  Maybe that’s why he is getting cheesecake tonight.  Whatever it is I was thankful to have him watching over me at night and I find I sleep better knowing someone is there with me.  Anyway baking is done and it is time for me to relax and enjoy my night.

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Back to Blogging

I know I know I haven’t written a post in what two whole months! That’s partly because I literally haven’t had time.

It’s not even that I was lazy I have been really freaking busy and don’t worry I will officially catch you up on everything that has been going on in my life.  First things first you will have to excuse my sentence structure or the way I am going to write this as I am currently laying in my bed on drugs.  Not the kind your thinking! I recently underwent surgery to get my tonsils removed last Thursday the 30th of May and the pain medication they gave me makes me feel a bit loopy.

So we left off with my crazy semester full of long papers and intense exams coming up (ie. finals).  So I managed to pass all of my classes I only got one D and of course it was in math but hey its passing and I don’t have to retake it so yeah.  I finished all my papers and the really long manual that I had been writing on how to retrain a rescue horse for the sport of three day eventing ended up being a total of 30 pages typed and I received a B on that.  So all in all the semester is over and I did fine in retrospect.

I also officially joined Sigma Alpha which is the Professional Agricultural Sorority here on campus and I couldn’t be happier to be a part of such a great group of women.  They are extremely helpful whenever I need a friend or a study buddy.  On top of joining Sigma Alpha I also am dating someone finally!  And yes like a serious relationship!  His name is Bret and he is a member of Alpha Gamma Rho who is our brother fraternity.  We started dating at the end of March and we couldn’t be happier to have found one another.  He is like my mirror opposite and we get along better than anyone I’ve ever dated which is a very cool feeling.  You know when you start dating someone and within the first month of real dating you start finding things that they do that annoy the heck out of you?  Yeah he doesn’t really annoy me like that i just kinda accept him for who he is and if we get on each other’s nerves we just say hey stop being a bitch and that’s the end of it.  Anyway we have been together since the end of March and I can’t wait to see what the summer holds for us.  On that note lets talk about the past two months.  

I have recently finished up my first year at University of Maryland and I couldn’t be happier with where I stand in life.  I recently moved out of my old apartment which was about 15 minutes away from campus and I moved within walking distance of the school which is awesome!  I have acquired quite the little group of friends between the sorority and the fraternity.  The week before finals I believe it was around May 10th was my moving day and of course Bret swooped in and saved the day.  Between the two of us and his car we manged to move me from my old place to the new place in something like five hours.  My new house is a very eclectic mix of individuals.  My landlord is a cute little man in his early 60’s from ti-wan and he is the chillest person I’ve ever met.  He basically owns the house I live in and two more houses in DC and he just loves giving back to people and helping them.  Oh and Gardening.

This man loves loves LOVES to garden.  I will have to take a picture of the various tree’s and rose bushes and plants that he has planted around the house.  Much like the mix of people inside the house the plants match perfectly.  So inside my new house I have three people living upstairs all of which are Russian and speak no English and then there are the people in the basement which are all in school at UMD and speak English.  Anyway so here I lie literally I’m in my bed writing this with new surroundings.  

I finally got a bike so now I can choose to stay at my bf’s place which is two seconds away or I can stay at my place and either way I have a way to getting around without having to waste gas!    I can also ride my bike almost anywhere without having to pay for parking or figure out where I am going to park in general.  So I would say that I now have a core group of friends here at UMD which I find is a miracle because I really didn’t see myself as making friends EVER.period..

Don’t ask me why I just have a hard time making friends and keeping them I guess, and not everyone likes to be told they are being annoying straight up.  What can I say some people just don’t appreciate my honesty.  Bitches.

So that pretty much sums up the last two months of life, finals, bf, friends.  

OHHH my sister is coming into town this Thursday night!!  I can not wait to see her and introduce her to all of my friends/boyfriend!!  Like I really can not wait to see her…I think I might pee myself…that excited.  The only downside is the fact that I just got my tonsils taken out last thursday and let me tell you it fuckin hurts!  they are all like yeah it will hurt blah blah blah but they really need to be like look its gonna hurt, it’s gonna hurt LIKE REALLY FUCKING BAD!  I mean when I’m on drugs I’m good and by drugs I mean painkillers, but there are nights/mornings like this morning when I think oh I don’t really need painkillers then I literally wake up at 2AM and am like, “oh so this is what hell will be like”  then I realize that I am still alive and it’s just throat pain.  Anyway thats enough of me blubbering about pain, I have a busy day today, my mama will be coming over when she gets off work to make my room actually look like a room instead of a white walled cell and we can go shopping or get food or whatever then later tonight I’m having some friends over for the first time ever to hang out at my new pad!  I’ll make sure to take pictures of my place so you can see how unique it really is!  Until tomorrow!