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Sunday Funday.

I’m not even a little embarrassed to admit that I just made a entire batch well I split it in half but half a batch of this extremely delicious coconut chocolate mousse with coconut whipped cream before two O’clock pm.  

Now to my credit I actually slept last night! I mean I sleep every night but I actually slept from 10pm till 11am!!  I woke up once to pee but other than that I actually got sleep!! After the initial shock of rest wore off I contemplated working out right away and getting it out of the way or waiting and I figured I better just get it done so I did.  Then on top of that I made coffee and scrambled eggs for lunch/breakfast and I realized while drinking my coffee that I could drink my coffee without it even hurting!!  

It’s the little wins.

Which is why I decided to make this delicious chocolate mousse and whipped cream.  Which is currently chilling in my fridge for the next four hours but trust me come four O’clock that bad boy is mine!  

I am also extremely glad that it is Sunday!! I am feeling better which means that when my sister comes home tonight or tomorrow whichever one that I will certainly be ready to go out!  

But for today I will watch movies and play the Sims 3 pets which is my major addiction as well as watching movies all day.  And cooking.  Well baking really but whatever.  

Also I did do something yesterday I made these.

Devils food cake cupcakes.

  And consequently took an hour walk to compensate for eating half the batter. 

Oh and that’s homemade vanilla buttercream frosting.

Not even embarrassed.


This is starting to become a habit…

So here I am again bright and early on a Thursday morning!

It is exactly a week to the day that I said goodbye to my tonsils and of course I had my usual 5 am wake-up call of searing throat pain followed by more pain followed by a healthy dose of pain medication.  I, for some reason, tried to be brave around 3 am and instead of taking my prescribed pain medication decided to opt for over the counter Motrin instead.

I make dumb decisions every once in a while and this was definitely one of them, So dumb in fact that I laid in bed in pain thinking you totally deserve this you dumb-ass, and as I woke up in more pain then I fell asleep in, well really the pain that I was experiencing was more pain then I had been in within the last day or week really, but all is right in the world as I have taken my prescribed medication and am feeling like a semi-normal human being again.

How do I know I’m back to normal?

I’m up at 6 am browsing food/baking blogs for recipes of what I want to try to bake today!  I have all the ingredients that you could need to bake and with my sister driving into town today I figured as a tribute to her I would try baking.  As you saw from yesterday I have two whole cheesecakes and eight mini cheesecakes to eat which I figure will be eaten by the time we leave for the beach tomorrow night.  Bret is in a fraternity and boys eat…ALOT.  Mother nature also blessed my sister and I with a little flow to our lives so we of course can’t get enough sweet treats! So my sister should be arriving at my moms around 2 or 3 pm today and then I’m hoping she will spend the night with me as I have a doctors appointment around 2 tomorrow afternoon and I  am not suppose to drive on my meds.  She of course does not know this yet.(evil sister laugh)

Any way I feel like I have too much flour and that means that I must bake something which I’m feeling is going to be something along the lines of cookies or cinnamon buns or cake…yup that’s what I’m going to make! Better yet cupcakes! considering I told Bret I would make him cupcakes yesterday and I never did.  Anyway I wanted to share two of my favorite baking blogs with you they are http://www.howsweeteats.com she is simply hilarious and also where i get a lot of my recipes and the second one is http://www.joythebaker.com  Pictures to come later today hopefully my cupcakes turn out!

Happy Thursday!